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Trust Is Everything

We Demystify On-Chain Operational Security

Security is an Asset

Lack of security is a major inhibitor to web3 adoption. Our tools bridge the web3 security gap by enabling protocols to show commitment to the safety of their customers and investors.

Continuous Control Monitoring

Use our evidence collection platform to keep your wallets, smart contracts, and user information secure around the clock.

Increased Security Visibility

Use our security visibility dashboard to prove to Auditors, Customers and Partners that you take security seriously.

Prepare for Scale

Build a battle-tested Information Security Program meant to secure your organization as it grows.

Roles Based Access Control

Securely allow time-based access to Staff, Auditors, Customers, and Partners to the documents, evidence, and data they need to get their job done.

Security is Integral to the Success of Your Protocol

Security is foundational to every action a protocol takes. The success of a brand and organization hinges on one's ability to keep their data, assets, and people safe. Security impacts everything a protocol does: partnerships, customer relationships, integrations, and product development.

The Rymx team brings a depth of experience in security operations, on-chain development, compliance processes, and web2 + web3 organizational structuring. Every piece of our solution leverages this expertise to drive the most impactful outcomes for our customers. Alongside our partners, we are uniquely fit to help maintain secure processes that also keep up with the fast-paced nature of on-chain development. 

Trust But Verify


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Operational security is a foundational component of any scaled enterprise, and will increasingly be expected by customers, partners, and contributors in web3. Proactively position yourself to achieve and maintain process-based compliance with Rymx's platform.

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